Staying Hot When It’s Cold

Unfortunately for all of us with terrible fetishes for platform spike-heeled shoes, it is impractical to use anything but boots in Trinidad until the snow leaves. I know, many in town watch me try but it is always a little more work than it’s worth. Thank goodness they make extremely sexy boots so I don’t have to feel too encumbered by winter fashion. Here are the latest boot trends for this year.

By E.R.A. McCarthey

1. High Boots

High boots, especially thigh high, are always a sexy option. They have an even better purpose. They allow you to wear lovely flowing dresses and fun short skirts without getting frostbitten legs. However, if you choose thigh-highs and a short skirt, make sure the day isn’t one of those extremely windy ones. You can still get too cold from pesky drafts.

2. Bright Color

Color is life. If it is too daunting to use more than black clothing because of a hectic schedule, you can get your color fix by wearing vibrant colored boots, hats, gloves and scarves.

3. Platforms

By far the coolest boot invention in my book. You can still gain 6 inches, have the posture only heels can give you and walk in the snow.

4. Fur

Fur trimming adds softness and beauty to winter boots. Many brands make boots with gorgeous faux trim if you refuse to wear the real stuff.

5. Exotic Prints

Some would argue that exotic prints are constantly moving in and out of good fashion but I don’t agree. What could be sexier than using the print of powerful, beautiful, graceful animals? It’s all about subliminal messages. I am lucky enough to have found thigh-high and leopard printed platform boots.

6. Your Style

Regardless of whatever I like or what trends are popular the most important tip when choosing winter boots; Your Style. Nothing is more gorgeous than the smile on a woman who feels good about herself. Choose what you’re comfortable wearing that also makes you feel beautiful.

Author: 360SoCO

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