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Asymmetrical Shortcut

An asymmetrical haircut can include many short haircuts in one. If you are looking for a different type of asymmetry it can definitely be achieved with less drastic differences. Many have gone with the classic bob haircuts that can be brought to one desired length on one side of the head and can gradually increase in length to another point on the opposite side of the head. shutterstock_445355362

This hairstyle is suited for people who are outgoing and who love to try new things. Going with the asymmetrical style can help flatter facial features if wanted.

Shaved Sides

The side shave is an edgy yet conservative cut. You can put the shaved part on either side of your head. Before getting the cut, most women begin to second-guess but in the end, it’s trendy and it makes you feel brand knew.

Of course, we all know this style has been around since the late 80’s. This trend has been worn by many and some women wear it to support a loved one with or who passed with cancer. No matter what anyone can rock this “Floppy Mohawk”.

Hidden Rainbow

Hidden Rainbow hair is exactly what it sounds like, a vibrant rainbow of color beneath a curtain of your natural hair. You don’t need to commit to full time every day bright dyed hair that eventually fades. You can choose when you want to reveal it.

This style looks especially cool when you see pops of color when it’s put in a braid. You can show it all off when you put it in a quick pony tail. Anyone can pull this off, even if you choose a bright vibrant tone or dark earthy tone.

Undercut with Design

When you get this cut, you keep most of your hair. The lower half is shaved and your hairstylist will create a unique design on the back of your head. Just like the “Hidden Rainbow” you decide when you want to show your beautiful design.

When it comes to the design you can get whatever you imagine. You can get funky and creative and whatever part of your head that you shave you can get a neat design.


Ombre is a gradual shading of color. When going for this you want to go darker shades on top and end with the lighter shades on the bottom. You can go with a natural look or a pop of vibrant colors. When doing this the more time you take the better it will come out.

People are going out with the old and in with the new, with “Sombre” hair. This is kind of like Ombre but more of a subtle and natural look. The colors or more melted together. This look is never too dramatic if you want to go for a more grown up look.

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