Natural Does Not Mean Neutral

Your face is the first thing that makes an impression on others.

By E.R.A. McCarthey

As we know, most women are especially concerned about their appearance or why go to such efforts to look good. Every one of us is trying to maintain our image constantly and everything starts with our face. Depending on the social situation and the working atmosphere of the occasion, our mood and many other factors, our makeup should comply with the circumstances.

Sometimes a simple change can transform your face! Your makeup should match your outfit. If your outfit is casual then your makeup should be light and simple. If your outfit is formal, makeup can be applied dramatic or smoky.

When you apply makeup, you need to know in what order to do it and what mistakes to avoid. The time spent in front of a mirror will vary depending on the features you want to emphasize most. Just enjoy every minute that you spend in the name of beauty. The most important thing is not to hurry, because if you overdo it with any detail the look will be unaesthetic.

The first and most important step is – a clean face! Never begin applying makeup unless you have perfectly cleaned skin. Determine your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, combination) then hydrate and nourish your skin with the right products and face masks.

Makeup should look natural during daylight. Apply foundation gently all over your face, do not neglect the area under the cheekbones and jaw. BB Creams or moisturizing foundations work best for most skin types. If you have some imperfections, you can use concealer for more coverage. A color too light, dark or of the wrong tone can make imperfections seem more noticeable. Those of mixed ethnicity can sometimes find blendable foundations or mix two shades to match skin tones. Don’t be afraid to mix foundations to achieve your skin color. Just make sure they are the same type and brand. For dark circles under your eyes, use a brightening concealer. Next, apply a thin layer of powder in an appropriate tone. A large soft brush works best.

When you have achieved flawless skin, begin accentuating your features using blush. Two colors of blush give a more dramatic effect. Use the darker color to define the contours of your cheekbones and if you have a fuller face, you can use the same color to define your jawline. If you want a fresh look, try using the light blush shade on your eyelid and the darker hue to accentuate the fold above the eyelid.

You can apply shadows next. Shadows must be in line with your outfit. For a more magnetic gaze apply three colors. Apply a light neutral color all over the eyelid and gently brush it up to your brow. Next, take a darker tone and slightly draw it over the eyelid crease. Leave the contrasted line for a dramatic look or blend the colors for a more natural look. Apply a very light shade inside the middle of your eyelid and the inside corner of your eye. You can use the darker shadow as liner if you apply it right at the lash line using a small applicator.

You can emphasize the shape and size of your eyes with liner. If your eyes are smaller, thicken the liner in the middle of both top and bottom lash line. If you have tilted eyes, drag the line past your lashes and highlight the natural tilt. To look complete and stunning, curl your lashes and then apply mascara up and down for volume. For everyday makeup, eyes will look great with just mascara, eyeliner and blush. For more shine use a glittery shadow or powder and brush it lightly over your eyelid.

Lips are the most important part of the face and incidentally always left for last. For everyday makeup, you can use lipsticks in shades of pink, peach or tan but a simple lip balm or gloss will make your lips have more volume. For the evening or a more formal setting red lipstick will make you irresistible and bold. Choose a red color that flatters your skin tone. If you have a cooler complexion use dark wine or burgundy colors, warmer complexions look better with bright reds. You can use concealer under your favorite lipstick as a base to hold the color longer. Apply a little gloss to the center of your bottom lip to emphasize a pout or all over the top of your lipstick for a sultry wet look.

Everyone likes to be beautiful. Remember that natural does not mean neutral! No need to put on a lot of makeup to look amazing. Just highlight your best features, use colors that match your skin tone and most importantly…smile.

Author: 360SoCO

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