Kisses of the Zodiac

Do the members of different signs kiss differently? Here’s what the stars show.

Aries- Passionate by nature, this is reflected in their way of kissing. Aries are aggressive and sometimes even bite their partner. For the rams, kissing on the lips is not always enough.

Taurus- Representatives of this sign kiss long with pleasure and delight, often leaving their partner breathless.

Gemini- For Gemini, kisses are like a teaser. They can play with their partner, interrupting the kiss to laugh and have fun and then suddenly decide that right now they want to indulge in other pleasures.

Cancer- A master of kissing, Cancer men are passionate and their kisses can even go beyond the generally accepted norms. The ladies are more timid.

Leo- Representatives of this sign are the most passionate when it comes to kissing. They love to play with their partner, kissing long and continuously, sometimes aggressively, even biting.

Virgo- It may take a while before the first kiss, but affectionate, romantic, and cuddly Virgo will not disappoint.

Libra- Kisses are short, light, airy and oh! so tender.

Scorpio- Passionate Scorpios kiss well, but they often prefer to indulge in erotic entertainment. That’s why their kisses are hot, but brief.

Sagittarius- The representatives of this sign are masters in the art of love, so they kiss in ambush. If you get a kiss from a stranger, it will certainly be from Sagittarius.

Capricorn- Expect a kiss from Capricorn to be worthy of Hollywood, as classic and romantic as a dozen roses.

Aquarius- As strange as it sounds, the representatives of this sign are kissing least compared to the others. Many Aquarius simply do not like to kiss.

Pisces-Often the first kiss is a real challenge then

Pisces is addicted. Kisses are mild and brief.

Fish rarely passionately press their partner

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