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5 Best Muscle Building Techniques


  1. Stick to a Routine
  • Find a workout routine that will help you to achieve your personal goals. There are countless resources to help you choose the correct program.  Start a routine that will challenge you now but will be within your abilities.  Stick to the routine and you will see results.
  1. Eat the Food
  • Everything you consume will play a role in how you perform in the gym. Eating a well-balanced meal before and after you work out full of protein and carbohydrates.  Consuming 5 meals a day is a good starting goal to growth down the road.
  1. Proper Form
  • Getting proper lift techniques down is important. If you’re unsure how a lift is performed, research it. Bad lifting habits will stick with you, getting harder to break. Executing proper form will reduce the risk of injuries and increase results.
  1. Staying Motivated
  • Whether you’re working out to get big or just be healthier, you need to stay motivated. Keep in mind why you started this when you feel like skipping a day.
  1. Getting Enough Rest
  • Killing your workout is the goal but without rest you can be losing gains. Sleeping at least 8 hours is recommended for maximum growth and recovery.




Author: 360SoCO

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