A Little Machine is Making My Dinner

The future is bound to bring about some amazing technological advances.

Sure, here in Trinidad, we are still waiting for things like local high-speed internet and the government health insurance plans to work the way they promised, but certain tech companies are skipping those everyday shortcomings and jumping through to the futuristic world we once only thought possible in cartoons like The Jetsons.


Natural Machines—based in Chicago—has created a new device to help reintroduce fresh, homemade meals back into our kitchens without the painstaking tedium required to make them from scratch. This device is the Foodini, and it is a 3D food printer. Designed to be a “food assembly and finishing appliance,” this small, microwave-sized machine is a dutiful chef, always awaiting your order. Now it cannot cook your meals, but say you want fresh ravioli with a spinach and herb filling. Or maybe you want chocolate printed in the shape of a snowflake, or a standing, 3D Christmas tree. Perhaps a spinach quiche shaped like dinosaurs so your little ones will eat them. Well, they are all possible by some simple commands on a touchscreen.dinner-machine3


Sure, you still have to throw the fresh, sweet potato hash browns you made into the oven to bake. And sure, the fresh pasta you created still needs to go into a pot of boiling water. But this Foodini food printer turns prep work into an experience, and fresh cooking into a joy.


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what exactly is going into these little food robots? What ingredients am I actually eating here? And what I found out about that lends even more magic to the Foodini. See, when we buy our foods at the grocery store, we know some of the easier items aren’t really the best for us. The labels are right there, but we usually ignore them and throw the food in the cart. With the Foodini, the capsules inside that print the food are loaded by the customer. With the help of a blender or food processor, we mix the ingredient we want and that’s what comes out in the assembled food. There’s no second guessing what is in our fresh food. I think it’s a modern miracle!

Author: 360SoCO

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